Little Mombo, Okavango Delta

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From the verandah at Little Mombo Camp, game animals of the African savannahs and the Okavango Delta can be seen. Thus, Little Mombo Camp is one of the best wildlife viewing places in the world. Little Mombo Camp, located on a picturesque island in the Okavango Delta, was rated as one of the best safari lodges in South Africa in the July 2000 issue of Harpers and Queens Magazine.

Little Mombo Camp is an extension of Mombo Camp, and has three tented rooms. Each room of Little Mombo Camp is built on elevated decks, with indoor showers and hot and cold running water. Little Mombo Camp has its own swimming pool and outdoor shower. Little Mombo Camp is surrounded by towering plants of the Okavango Delta, and guarantees privacy.

Little Mombo Camp and the Okavango Delta have reputations for being year-round safari destinations, Little Mombo Camp and the Okavango Delta are also the favourite stomping grounds of photographers and documentary film-makers from National Geographic and the BBC.

Aside from the frequent sightings of game animals in the vicinity of Little Mombo Camp and the Okavango Delta, there is also an abundance of African birdlife in the surrounding marshes and floodplains of the Okavango Delta.