Linyanti Tented Camp in Botswana

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The Linyanti Tented Camp is a small camp on the banks of the Linyanti marshland, and nearby the Savuti river. Linyanti Tented Camp is located on the 125,000-hectare Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, which is near the western boundary of Chobe National Park, in northern Botswana.

Guests of this safari camp will enjoy being surrounded by nature in all its forms: river and marshland, dry woodlands (further inland), huge lagoons and countryside plains. The Linyanti Camp overlooks a lagoon fringed with papyrus and phragmytes.

Activities at Linyanti Tented Camp will always prove interesting, because so many different environments are easily within guests’ reach. During day and night game drives, bird walks, boating and canoeing, visitors have the chance to see fascinating African wildlife in action.

One of the main attractions of both Linyanti Camp as well as the Linyanti and Savuti river area, is the elephants. These beautiful animals move in herds down the Linyanti River at the beginning of the winter and later make their way back, one the rainy season arrives.

On the plains, lion, leopard, wild dog and buffalo are easily-spotted game. In and around the marshes, there are the rare and elusive sitatunga antelope, red lechwe, hippo and crocodile. On the fringes of the waterways—in addition to the elephants—there are zebra, kudu, waterbuck and impala to be spotted.

One of the reasons for the abundance of wildlife in this area of Botswana is because the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve does not allow hunting of any type. While it is technically allowed, the Reserve aims to ensure that animals can breed freely and live in an environment not negatively impacted by humans.

The Linyanti Tented Camp overlooks a large lagoon and sleeps eight guests in five large East African-style tents. All tents are equipped with en suite bathrooms, which have hot & cold running water and flush toilets. The main dining room and pub are canvas-protected and are right on the lagoon shores. Meals are usually buffet-style, with served starters and desserts.

Guests will never be lacking for something to do during their stay at the rustic and charming Linyanti Tented Camp.