Grassland Safari Lodge Botswana

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Grassland Safari Lodge is situated in the centre of the Kalahari in Botswana and on the western side of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. At Grassland Safari Lodge you will be be amazed by the comfortable chalets, dining facilities and hospitable staff. Grassland has has extremely well furnished chalets, each with their own en-suite bathrooms, beds, closets and dresser amenities. Each facility has constant hot water and your laundry is done daily at no extra cost.

The beautiful facilities contain both an outdoor and indoor dining room. Meals are extraordinary, well prepared and a far cry above most safari outfits. Three meals a day are provided, snacks, mid-day tea and desert, cold drinks, wine and a fully stocked bar for evening nightcaps.

Another unique aspect of the camp is the large swimming pool. Guests thoroughly enjoy taking a soothing swim after a long day of game drives and cultural walks. On game drives big herds of strictly Kalahari Game can be seen. Experience the famous Kalahari sunset with the silhouette of herds of eland,gemsbok, greater kudu, red hartebeest etc. At night, while dining, one can just sit at the comfort of your canvas chair and see herds of animals drinking by the waterhole right in front of the lodge! Even brown hyenas and the elusive leopard!

During cultural activities you will have a once in a lifetime chance to join the San (bushmen) on a food gathering experience. see their amazing skills of "reading" the signs of nature and understand more about the reason for their survival so many centuries in a seemingly hostile environment. And how even the youngest ones know how to distinguish by just the myriad of tracks in the sand, telling about every animals exact behavior. Go back with them to their village and see how they cook, make crafts and dance by eveningfire!

Horse trails can be arranged wit a bush launch. And visit the "problem predator capture program" where one can see lion, leopard and cheetah. There is also have wilddog breeding project!!!!