Tuli Block

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This thin strip of land following the contours of south-eastern Botswana that wedges in between the borders of Zimbabwe to the north and South Africa to the south.

It is one of the few areas of commercial farmland as it receives more rain than the rest of dusty, dry Botswana. The land in the extreme east is where private game reserves have been established with huge herds of elephants and hundreds of colourful birds. This area is accessible from Gaborone.

The North-East Tuli Game Reserve is located between the Limpopo, Motloutse (Great Elephant) and Shashe rivers, and is the larges privatley owned conservation area in southern Africa. It is home to the largest her of elephant on privately owned land in the world. The 90 000-hectare Mashatu Game Reserve, and Tuli Lodge. However, with the adjoining farms from the Tuli Circle and Jwala, the region covers a total of 120 000 hectares, and is rich in game that have free reign over the whole unfenced area.