Giraffe - Giraffa camelopardalis

The world's tallest animal, a giraffe can easily look into a second-storey window. Its height, which can be up to 4 m, allows it to browse on high foliage, as well as to employ its highly developed sense of sight to see farther than any terrestrial creature. Giraffes in Botswana are commonly seen in Savuti and Tchinga in Chobe, Moremi including Chief's Island, Nxai Pan and Khutse National Park.

The "bird's-eye view" is the animal's principal defence against predators, allowing it to spot danger. Their buff-coloured hide, with spots of darker brown, provides excellent camouflage, which is another aid to their survival.
The movement and position of the animal's neck are used to express emotion. When it is angry, a giraffe will lower its neck until it is almost horizontal. In submission, it stretches its neck and raises its nose in the air.